Retuning the Indian Musicscape

What we consume, including Music plays a significant role in shaping up our society as it can change the way one thinks & feels ,Which is why we connect with young and new age talent from across India in order to produce the most incredible recordings of all time.

Gaa Records


Striving for the best,GAA Records envisions collaborating with young and new age talent, i.e., singers, composers and lyricists as to bring in the finest of mix genre & multilingual music at the forefront..

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Aug 27, 2022

Sun Le Pukaar

Feb 16, 2022


Mar 12, 2022

Teri Chahat Mei

Aug 18, 2022

Dil Saaz

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Sun Le Pukaar

Aao Jhoomo

Chaar Pal

Dil Saaz


Mein Shayar Badnam


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